Friday, April 15, 2011

Everyday Art

Every time I start to do research I find myself searching all over for lists of 18th century artists.  Not the fancy, formal portrait type, but the kind that painted and sketched the average person.  That's one reason I love the Walpole Gallery so much, there's a great deal of working people pictured.  I figured I should put together a list of artists and some of their more famous (and useful) works for myself to save time, and there's no reason why I shouldn't post it here!  These are just a small number of works to reference, but having the artists names can bring up many others (and most have books of their works available as well).
Autumn by John Collet, LWG

Lewis Walpole Gallery
Search for broad terms like Woman, Lady, Maid, or Fashion
The Lucky Escape or Jolly Carpenter
A St. Giles Beauty
The Female Orators
Tight Lacing or the Cobler's Wife in the Fashion
A Scene at Vauxhall Stairs
The Seamstress

Jean-Baptiste-Simeon Chardin
National Gallery of Canada: La Gouvernante
National Gallery: Return From Market
Met Museum

James Gillray
Lewis Walpole Gallery: Farmer Giles's Establisment
New York Public Library
Tate Gallery
National Portrait Gallery

Henry Bunbury
Lewis Walpole Gallery: La Cuisine de la Poste
National Portrait Gallery

William Redmore Bigg
V&A: Poor Old Woman's Comfort, The Husbandman's Enjoyment, Johnny Going to the Fair

Henry Singleton
V&A: The Ale-House Door

John Collet
Colonial Williamsburg Foundation: Modern Love- the Elopement, High Life below Stairs

Hackney Art Gallery: The Recruiting Sergeant
Lewis Walpole Gallery: The Frenchman in London, The Jealous Maids

George Stubbs
National Trust: Haymakers series
Tate Gallery

George Morland
Fitzwilliam MuseumThe Child at Nurse, A Windy Day
National Gallery of Scotland: The Comforts of Industry, The Miseries of Idleness
V&A: Valentine's Day- The Fairing
Tate Gallery

Francis Wheatley
National Maritime Museum: The Sailor's Return
Leeds City Art Gallery: The Return from Market

Paul Sandby
Paul Mellon Collection: London Cries series
Nottingham Castle Museum: Man Selling Stockings

Henry Walton
Private: A Group of Figures with a Fruit Barrow
Tate Gallery: Plucking the Turkey, Girl Buying a Ballad

William Hogarth
Birmingham City Art Gallery: The Distressed Poet
British Museum: A Harlot's Progress series
Tate Gallery

Edward Penny
Museum of London: A Scene from Jonathan Swift's Description of a City Shower

French fashion plates through Lisette la Cousette

Painters of the higher classes:

John Singleton Copley
Joshua Reynolds
George Romney


MyTinyTropicalGarden said...

Thank you for the Research Goldmine! You made my day!

Ike said...

Hi I'm working on a research paper for school, and i was wondering if the Sandby print your talking about is this one, and if it is, how do you know its housed at the Nottingham gallery?

ColeV said...

It is that print. This particular one came from the book Dress of the People that has locations for many of the 18th century images that are commonly found around the internet. Good luck with your paper!