Saturday, April 23, 2011


At first I had a great deal of trouble finding images of cloaks.  I looked through what images I had, searched the Walpole Gallery for key terms like "cold", "winter", "ice", etc.  I found three or four decent ones.  So, I broke down and decided to go the long route and search for "the" and "a".  Over three-hundred pages of results.  I've made it through one-hundred of those and found about twenty good images so far.  They aren't the easiest to read information off of, but I was at least surprised by the lack of longer lengths so far.

Extant Cloaks
Even though it's not obvious in the images above, red wool certainly seems to be the most common of surviving examples.
Embroidered Silk Satin
Long Red Wool
Long Red Wool, no hood
Silk Brocade, no hood (like Wife at Confession above)
Early Lace Capuchin
Short Figured Silk
Long Red Wool, trimmed with Black Silk
Long Red Wool, quilted collar
Long Red Wool, applied fringe on edges
Short Red Wool, yolked neck
Long Red Wool, buttoned facing
Child's Silk
Long Red Wool, plain (found in Costume Close-Up)
Black Lace


Thread-Head said...

I am not sure where else to leave comments for the poll, so this is in reference to my vote for "other." I would love a post on panniers versus pocket hoops versus kidneys and all the variations therein. Thank you!

ColeV said...

Good one! I have a wonderful book from that time where the author waxes poetically on the perfection of hoop skirts.

Marie-Laure Colomban said...

Woo soo much reference ! Where do you find all of these ? I'm always searshing for 18th engraving ;)
Thank you for this article !