Monday, July 25, 2011

Revamping a Pair of Shoes 2

Sometimes you just need that unique pair of shoes, but don't have time/money/knowledge to make or order them.  With all the effort I'm putting into my 1790s gown, it would ruin it to not have at least a decent pair of shoes.  However, with so little time, there's no way I can learn how to do a pointed toe last (often done with a metal tip when this severe) and make a shoe.  So, I dug out an old pair of olive green pointed toe pumps from who knows how many years ago to do some work on.  The heel is horribly incorrect, but it's really the toe which will be seen since I have a train.  Looking around for inspiration I found these three images (first two from Shoe Icons, the third I see often but know of no source).

They all have a relatively simple trim around the toe area.  Pleated small ribbon with a "bow" of some kind.  The last pair was particularly interesting for some reason, it looks to be layers of pinked silk tacked down.  I happened to have some ribbon and silk scraps the exact color of my shoes, so off I went to work.

They are by no means perfect, the choke is just too low compared to extants, the toe a bit too long, and the heel very tiny.  However, it's better with a slight trimming distraction, and maybe I'll be able to make a proper pair of shoes by the time I need to wear the gown again!


Sandi said...

I love the shoes of the 1790s, and would love a pair.

Looking at your shoes, I was wondering if you could make heels that would cover the heels on the shoes? You have the shoe-making talents...

The Dreamstress said...

I like what you have done with your shoes! And I'm so in love with your inspiration shoes - especially the second pair!

I've heard of people using air-dry clay to make wider heels. Have you ever tried that?