Monday, July 18, 2011

Regency Gaming Night

This weekend Gwendolyn and I drove up to Fredericksburg to attend a Regency gaming night at Jenny's (JennylaFleur).  It was a great deal of fun!  We had a small photo session outside before beginning.  There was Cribbage, Whist, and Speculation.  We found our way to the table with Speculation, but I must admit our table eventually dissolved into good conversation.
I wore my 1809 Muslin gown.  I rag curled my hair, then used a curling iron to fix up the front portion, wrapped a ribbon around it and pinned a large gold brooch in it.  I wore cameos for jewelry.  I was one of the least sparkly people there, but I'll make up for it at the August event with the 1790s gown!

Photo courtesy of JennylaFleur


Maggie said...

It was really nice to finally meet you - I've followed your blog for a while and love your work! I loved some of the pics you got of my costume - hope you don't mind if I pinch them! :-)

Lindsey said...

Looks like a wonderful evening! So many beautiful dresses!

Olympe de la Tour D'Auvergne said...

It looks like a lot of fun, thanks for posting all of the photos!