Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The British are Coming!

I'm still alive, I promise! Things have been constantly hectic for last few months, but I'm really hoping to do a real post next week. This weekend is Under the Red Coat at Colonial Williamsburg (British troops "invade" CW to re-enact the occupation of 1781). So, I've been frantically sewing for that and to keep up with the hot weather since I work outside in the evenings now. While I've been gone I've built a linen quarter-back gown, a silk ruffled fichu, a silk sash, a semi-fitted linen jacket, an apron, and trimmed a hat. I've still got a bit of hemming and one more hat to do before this weekend. I'm sure I'll get lots of pictures of it all this weekend. I'll try to do a few posts on construction soon after. If you're in town this weekend, I'll be the one in a light blue gown trying to pretend I don't know the loud revolutionist red-head (you know we love you Nicki). Oh, and I'm going to start posting pictures of the wedding construction on my other blog soon. I'll make sure to put up a notification on here when I do. First up will be trousers and draping my ceremony gown!