Monday, May 2, 2011

Simple Hats

I tried to stick to simpler hats instead of the fashion plate images often seen.  The bonnet style will have it's own post later.  Some of these are a bit more decorated than others, but there seemed to be a fairly repetitive style.  Ribbon, or possibly fabric, is tacked around the crown of the hat.  The level of "puffing" the ribbon seems to vary widely, however.  Some are straw, some covered in silk, some add feathers.  I'm still looking for any other style of simple trimming, but I haven't seen it yet in this type of image.  All images are from the Lewis Walpole Gallery.

Extant Hats
Straw Hat covered in blue silk
White Satin with appliqued embroidery
Feather-covered begere hat
Silk trimmed with straw applique
Painted straw begere, second similar
Straw Hat with green ribbon trim
Painting of a girl wearing a feathered hat
Straw Hat embroidered with straw
Feather-covered begere hat 2
Straw with trim
Straw with ribbon trim, similar to pictures above
Wool with ribbon
Straw begere
Wool felt with ribbon
Straw with chintz underlining, typical to the Netherlands area
Cream Silk with gauze ribbon


Hana - Marmota said...

Thank you for all these research posts! I loved the one on pinballs; and felt a need to comment on this one, as there are no comments. And because the last two eMuseum links are not working - they link to some Native American art instead.
I love the straw hat with green ribbon! Well, I love most of them, especially the V&A straw embroidered one, but that green one is quite exquisite!

ColeV said...

Thank you for letting me know! The CW site uses urls based on your search and the number in the results. As new pieces are added, it changes that link. So, I just searched for the acc. number instead and linked to that!