Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Just a quick post to let you know that I've released a book about turn shoe construction. It's not meant to be instructional, but it covers the topic pretty well. I hope to eventually write a very in-depth book on the process, but the feedback on this will help to know what needs to go in it as well as knowing if there's any demand for it. Check it out and if you do purchase a book or download the PDF I'd love to hear your thoughts!

I'm still working on printing the Shoe Timeline image. Turns out, my *ancient* (four years old) printer doesn't communicate with Windows 7 very well. Shocking. Most things print fine, just not borderless or 13x19. Oh, wait, those are both what I'm trying to do.


ZipZip said...

Dear Nicole,

Really neat. Checked out the preview and it looks like there are lots of nice, clear, in-process photos. Will order!

Isis said...

How nice! Will definitly be put on my book list!

Martin Moser said...

Just downloaded the PDF version of your book today. Very instructional and interesting. So far I only made shoes up to the 16th century and it was news to me that turnshoe construction was still employed in the 18th century. I think I understood the process pretty well, but I guess that someone without previous experience would have difficulties. Nevertheless a very good little book!
It would have been nice to see what sources you are drawing on in terms of books or articles - maybe you can share these?
All the best and looking forward to see more examples of your good work!