Monday, January 16, 2012

Twelve Months

The 1912 gown is on hold until the chiffon swatches arrive (the first set didn't work) and the La Mode Illustrée pattern comes from France.  I've picked up an 1810s day dress in the mean time which will start to look like more than just pieces by tomorrow.  I took a break to wander through the British Museums prints and found a lovely set called The Twelve Months, dated to 1781.  Now, if I could just find 11 other people and an event this would make a great group costume idea!  The artist seems to have been a little color-happy, splitting garments into two or more tones when it doesn't make sense (has one ever seen a parti-color mantelet?).  Still, I'd wear every one of them.  Particularly August, who has given me inspiration for some pumpkin silk I have!

January looks quite toasty nestled in her pile of silks.

February is trying to stay warm and keep entertained.

March must be sewing together one of the next ensembles.

April showers bring out umbrellas and a plethora of colors!

May has hung up her mantelet and is ready for warmer weather.

June has taken a brisk ride through the country and still looks perfect.

July shows us how to protect our fair skin while still looking fashionable.

August doesn't give up being fashionable just because she's carrying a bucket of worms.

September is the time for harvesting grapes and vibrant colors.

October knows that fall is the perfect time for a fashionable riding habit.

November is taking a final stroll through the country before the weather turns cold.

December doesn't want to admit that the days are so short, staying up long after dark.


lahbluebonnet said...

What fun prints! Well...I think you should *create* an event and find 11 ladies to join you! That would be fun to read about!

Clare S said...

Wow, these are wonderful prints - I love all the different outfits. Amazing!

Maggie said...

Oh, these are so pretty! I'm totally in for May or July! ;-)

Olympe de la Tour D'Auvergne said...

I second the creation of an event, and I would totally take on November.