Tuesday, November 22, 2011


This past weekend I joined a group of friends up at Gettysburg for Remembrance Day (my first Civil War event!).  I managed to make my whole outfit in about four weeks, don't ask me how.  My future schedule is much lighter, so I should be able to break down each piece (and all those prior outfits I hadn't yet) very soon.
How to fit four cage crinolines and Mike in one hotel room.... 

Snagged a quick picture in the mirror.

Mike, Samantha, Gwendolyn, and Maggie; almost ready to go!

Borrow the above two images from Maggie.

My gown is a mix of wool, silk, and linen (camlet).  The ribbon is china silk which I dyed to be similar to indigo. 

This is by the end of the day, so my hair is a little disheveled.  The bun is a hair piece; the comb I purchased that day.

The collar and undersleeves are very light cotton with lace trimming.  The buttons are antiques (which matched perfectly!).  Knife pleating the ribbon took going to Plan E, but I didn't have to iron in the pleats individually, so I'm happy about that!

Bonnet pattern from Timely Tresses, as is the ribbon.  The lace is the same as on my dress.

I used silk taffeta to cover.  The paper flowers are from 32 Degrees North on Etsy.

The paletot is medium weight wool with velveteen trim.  All four sets of the glass buttons are different (as is the single one on the point in back seen far above).  The trim design is based on an original from Kent State.

Our group changed throughout the day, we almost had a gaggle at a few points.  Here is Amanda, Maggie, me, Gwendolyn, and Samantha (who I need to tackle and steal clothing from).

 On Sunday we took a tour of the battlefield with our friend Tyler giving us an amazing history lesson.  It's a gorgeous place if you ever get to go.  They've recently been working to remove and add trees to put the land back to its 1863 state (even adding apple orchards!).

All in all, a fine end to a wonderful weekend (even if we technically went to Needle & Thread after this).


Augustintytär said...

The dress looks lovely and I absolutely adore the bonnet!

Time Traveling in Costume said...

I would have been in heaven seeing all the pretties there.
I always appreciate seeing wonderful trims on gowns and your pleated ribbon and buttons are gorgeous. For only having 4 weeks to put this together, you did an amazing job.
And yes, I too would tackle Sammy for her costumes.

Summer said...

Just beautiful!

Issy said...

Your gown is absolutely gorgeous!! :)

Abigail said...

I love the ribbon trim on your dress! The bonnet is so lovely! I'm jealous of Samantha's outfit too. :D

elisa.b said...

Love the cut of your bodice, especially the sleeves. Did you use a particular patter?

elisa.b said...

Oh! And did you use a pattern for your paletot, it's beautiful.