Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

With the turn of the year, I sincerely hope things will be a bit more predictable. I'm hoping to get a post out every week. Between my husband's deployment, my mother moving, sometimes working three part-time jobs, running a business, and beginning construction on our third floor I've hardly had time to breath! So, let me catch you up with the projects I hope to feature this year. And, by all means, if you don't see something you want to know more about, please request it!

I've begun spanning more than just the 1770-85 range, moving into the 1812 period and even Civil War this year. With the anniversaries of both coming up soon I've had work for others that took me this direction. I do want to feature a little bit about those time periods, but how much will depend on your interest and response. But, to the garments completed and soon to show.

I did a few less traditional 18th century garments as well as the old staples in the last six months. Starting with a Polonaise Gown, not a gown which was polonaised, but the loose-fit front type. Then on to a Brunswick Jacket, complete with all the pieces. And beginning a hand-made pair of shoes. Even a "pirate" costume, which is really a very accurate 1700 fitted jacket from an original print. Of course, throw in another pair of stays to help rescue my old well-loved pair, a long cloak, and a simple wool gown. I've also begun a full suit for my husband.

As I posted about before, I made a simple 1812 gown and corset earlier in the year. I'm just now finishing up a more formal gown and an unusual undergarment to go with it. I've also got a riding habit planned and at least one more gown for that period.

I did get the opportunity to make a few 1860s clothing items (and even a 1840s gown for Dolley Madison), but they really aren't mine to post. However, between the upcoming 150th anniversary of the Battle of Williamsburg and the inspiration from said garments, I am looking to make a number of pieces from this time period as well. Right now, it looks like mainly the basics: chemise, corset, drawers, and hoop. I'm thinking of making a summer gown and a jacket ensemble, but we'll see as research progresses. I'd forgotten how hard it can be to start learning about a new time period!

What I would like to hear from all of you are the topics you're interested in. I will certainly do an inside-and-out on all of them, and I'm hoping to do an article on choosing proper fabrics. If you want to see more detailed instructions or research on any of the aforementioned items, let me know!


Robin's Egg Bleu said...

Oh my goodness, your work is amazing! So glad I found your blog! Have a fabulous and amazing New Year!
Take Care,

Unknown said...

I love your work and follow your blog! I would love to see a post about growth pleats in a petticoat. My mishap was making petticoats first for a jacket (short) and then a gown (not long enough) thinking I could mix and match. Someone suggested a fake growth pleat at the bottom using extra fabric - if I have any left!

Ruth said...

I'm very happy to see what you have been working on, I have read almost your entire blog back catalogue, it's really inspirational. I am young in the costuming world and I love seeing other peoples work.

ColeV said...

Thank you Robin and Ruth!
Joanne: Perhaps a small post on hemming in general? I've gotten a number of questions about height from floor, turn amount, etc. I'll make sure to talk about growth pleats.