Saturday, January 30, 2010

Quilted Waistcoat

Hello! I promise I'm still alive! Things have been hectic with the wedding, my husband prepping for deployment, and a new puppy. However, most of that is slowing down. I finally got some images of my quilted waistcoat. I'll hopefully get to an informational post on those and jumps some time in a couple weeks. This one is made from a Duran textiles print that I got a remnant of and bound with linen tape. I used a cotton/bamboo batting on the inside since that's what I could find.

I'm in process on a gentleman's suit and my 1812 corset as well. Oh! And I haven't gotten my wedding pictures back just yet, but my photographers do have a preview up on their site.


Brooke said...

What a beautiful and comfortable looking waistcoat! I love the fabric you found for it.

I look forward to seeing your wedding pictures after looking at the lovely preview ones.

Angela said...

Welcome back. Life does happen, doesn't it. Great pair of jumps!

Anonymous said...

What beautiful clothes! I just happened upon your blog. Very cool. I wonder if you have made clothes for any reenactors of the Fort Toulouse project. - BTW, your wedding photos are gorgeous and the details amazing. So glad that it all went so well. Nikki B.