Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Epic Titanic Dinner

On Saturday evening I joined a small group of friends at an amazing dinner.  Our friend, Jenny-Rose, and her father cooked an entire 13 course formal meal, complete with maids and wine with every course.  I could spend an entire post drooling over the lavish food, but that's not what you're here for.  Fortunately, the clothing was equal to the food.  Everyone was exquisitely dressed, we even had a "costume change" after dinner into aesthetic lounge wear.

 We even had a professional photographer!  I can't wait to see those images.

Jenny-Rose, our amazing hostess (and sous-chef).

My one-week thrown together peach gown.  I'll break it down in a post later, but I'm amazed it came together!  I almost didn't bother making it. 

Our dinner set-up.

My aesthetic Harem pants ensemble.  The bottom is silk charmeuse, while the top is silk chiffon and artfully pieced antique samples of lace.

Photo courtesy of Kat

You can see how chin-length hair can make an awfully convincing teens hairstyle without any pieces!  Just pin-curls and a little bit of teasing.
Photo courtesy of Kat

I promise to take tons of close-ups and break down both outfits soon.  I keep hoping I'll recover from allergy season and have a sudden burst of productivity, but it has not happened yet.
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Luna said...

WOW what a great dinner :D and there is casey :) it seems like all costume and vintage ladies in your area are connected - I love that! Wish I had friends that would like to attend such an event ...

ps: your outfits just look stunning!

Laurie said...

Your outfits look great! Can't wait to hear more about construction.

I'm intrigued by the cranberry and gold outfit in the first picture. Did you get any shots of it too?

ColeV said...

Hi Laurie- Thank you! Check out the last link to Gwendolyn's blog.

Isis said...

Ypu all look amazing!

El Djinniya said...

Very nice outfit with the zouave harem pants !! So pretty :)
I have added some of this kind of outfit (historical ones and even some reenacment ones), in my article, if you want me not to show your pictures, don't hesitate to telle me :)
(and I love your blog ! I follow it since a long time :) )