Monday, January 23, 2012

1912 Evening Gown 3

The silk chiffon swatches arrived today.  To my horror and pleasure, I found two very close matches.  One fits perfectly with the salmon charmeuse, the other with the peach charmeuse.  So, it didn't help me decide between those two at all!  I tried taking pictures of them both, but you can hardly see a difference that way. The salmon is darker than the peach by a decent amount when not under the sari net, rather similar when they aren't exposed.  The best I could come up with are images of these two gowns which I think represent the colors pretty well (the salmon may be just a smidge darker).

I've been doing numerous other projects in the mean time, including a nearly finished 1812 day dress.  I've also given in and decided to do proper undergarments for 1912 since I can't get away without them for the 1912 VPLL project.  I ordered some pretty cotton that looks like it has lace inserts for a combination and I started a corset which I'll be using some left-over peach striped silk for.  I'll take some pictures of it all when the cotton and some lace arrives.  I still want to find some more lace trim anyway.  I'm also planning a linen 1910s day dress based on a picture of my Great-Grandmother, Katie.
I found some vintage eyelet lace for the trim around the neckline.  I'll match it to linen when it arrives.  The neck piece I'll probably just get plain silk net and do some lace trimming and embroider dots on it.  I haven't found a better option yet.


Quinn said...

Oh, that picture of your great-grandmother is wonderful! (I really like her hair style!) Do you have a specific date for the picture? Her dress looks a little more first decade of the 1900s than 1910s to me, with the back fullness in the skirt and the front fullness in the bodice. But perhaps the dress was just one that had been in use for a few years? Regardless, all of your projects sound like fun. I look forward to seeing the results!

ColeV said...

She was born in 1894. There's another picture close in age with a much more distinctly 1910s blouse, but it's only to chest level. These seem to have been taken just before marrying, one having a love note on the back. Her first/only child was born in 1918, so they're before that, but she's certainly 16 or older. She was from a relatively poor family living in Missouri, making most of her own clothing.

ibuzone said...

The gown looks gorgeous,it will expensive for most woman.

Charles said...

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